Remote Admin Staff

When working with dedicated servers, timing can be critical. Downtime can cost you customers and delays that become very expensive to repair. We always prefer to be prepared and proactive.

Our Remote Admin staff and management plans help you end recurring issues, optimize your current systems and services, to avoid any downtime. These services include highly proactive system software maintenance, service port and load monitoring, experienced professional assistance with your existing or new dedicated server. In-House or datacenter based, we will provide our experience and optimize your overall systems and Return on investment.


Our staff responds rapidly to our management service issues, within minutes. We can help you save time, money, headaches and confusion with our customized management packages. Contact us today to learn more, and recieve a free service evaluation specific to your needs.

Avoid Downtime and intrusions with our Remote Admin services

Server updates

Up-to-date systems
Linux and Windows O/S Updates are no longer a problem, we do it automatically, with your pre-approved limits, no questions asked. Patches for system software will also be applied as needed.

Security Monitoring

Real-Time Monitoring
Your server is carefully monitored every several minutes to validate service functionality, system load, disk and memory usage, and much more. A good monitoring system helps pinpoint issues before they are problems.

Preventative Maintenance

Maintains system hardware
Our services also alow us to prevent complete hardware failure while we monitor drives and memory over time. Backup service arent always effective if corrupted data gets included.

Emergency security repair

Hacked / Comprimised servers
We have a great deal of experience with this issue, most commonly caused by out of date software on the server, or in a hosted website. We can get you secured, protected and back online quickly. Immediate response.

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